Articles  |   November 2014
PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2015 Show Me the ‘Value’!
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Articles   |   November 2014
PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2015 Show Me the ‘Value’!
ASA Monitor 11 2014, Vol.78, 22-25.
ASA Monitor 11 2014, Vol.78, 22-25.
One of the biggest current challenges for all anesthesiology practices, regardless of size, setting or model, is to demonstrate value to patients, payers and administrators. Yet the concept of “value” means different things to different stakeholders. For patients, “value” likely means a safe anesthetic with minimal or no complications, administered by a caring and compassionate physician anesthesiologist. For facility administrators, “value” may translate to getting the most reliable anesthesia care for a reasonable cost, with excellent and responsive service.
While the most basic definition of value is quality/cost, it is important to realize that there is a third component – service. Inherent within the definition of “value” is the sobering reality that we no longer can work solely within the silo of the O.R. suite and expect to be considered valuable. Value in anesthesia care is defined not by safe emergence, but by longer-term outcomes for which our care is an integral determinant. As a result, physician anesthesiologists must develop and seek opportunities to align their practices and performance with hospitals and surgeons to provide value to patients in all areas and over the continuum of care – clinical outcomes, service and cost. As payment for health care services evolves into a new world of bundled payments and value-based modifiers based on patient satisfaction and quality metrics, physician anesthesiologists have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate their value to patients, administrators and payers. Anesthesiologists are in a unique position to develop and implement clinical practices that improve patient experience, reduce surgical complications and decrease costs.
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