Executive Report  |   September 2015
E-Learning Tree of Knowledge
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Executive Report   |   September 2015
E-Learning Tree of Knowledge
ASA Monitor 09 2015, Vol.79, 8-9.
ASA Monitor 09 2015, Vol.79, 8-9.
Not long ago, many thought leaders in education knew that to remain relevant, organizations required an online course catalog that tracked and marked the completion of program offerings as part of their curriculum. Today, this type of functionality represents less than 10 percent of what many e-learning platforms provide. However, the diversification of educational delivery continues to rapidly change, influenced in part by technology, yet driven by the professional learners whom we serve. E-learning is one of the more disruptive innovation drivers in all of the education industry, revolutionizing the way we look at knowledge and skill acquisition. One does not have to go far to experience elements of these technology drivers. Just access and use massive open online courses (MOOCS) in the world of corporate training and you will find an inventory of educational resources. Many organizations (including medical associations) are turning to learning management systems (LMS) to systematically implement and manage e-learning efforts to remain relevant in the future. If an organization implemented an early version of an LMS system (and ASA is one of those organizations), they are typically four to seven years old, and survey results have indicated that 61 percent of organizations today are replacing these learning platforms in the next 18 months. Today’s LMSs are expert management systems, collaboration and knowledge-sharing platforms, and are learner-centric to customize content for what an individual or large group needs. All this functionality has been integrated into the LMS, leaving companies with older products anxious to upgrade.
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