Letter to the Editor  |   August 2015
Anesthesiologists: Time for a Drink?
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  • Steve Serlin, M.D.
    Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology University of Arizona
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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor   |   August 2015
Anesthesiologists: Time for a Drink?
ASA Monitor 08 2015, Vol.79, 67.
ASA Monitor 08 2015, Vol.79, 67.
There is no debate: we anesthesiologists must actively strive to limit infections in our patients. The benefits of successful infection prevention are numerous to patients, medical facilities, insurers, governments and future infection control. Our journals, especially the April 2015 issue of Anesthesia & Analgesia1  (A&A), present numerous articles related to hospital-acquired infections. Implementing many of the techniques supported by several of their relevant studies provide a rational answer and possible resolution to the ever-present issue of drinking in the O.R. Presently, neither published studies nor any evidence-based practices have been presented in journals or meetings that demonstrate an association between infection and anesthesiologists drinking water or coffee in the O.R. Nonetheless, as a result of generally non-physician restrictions imposed by O.R. nursing organizations, hospital committees, federal military guidelines and, in Britain by the National Health System criteria,drinking in the O.R. is a near-universal prohibition.
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