Resident Review  |   June 2015
Airway Workshops Spark Passion for Anesthesiology Among Students
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Resident Review   |   June 2015
Airway Workshops Spark Passion for Anesthesiology Among Students
ASA Monitor 06 2015, Vol.79, 74-75.
ASA Monitor 06 2015, Vol.79, 74-75.
If you’re reading this column, there’s an overwhelming chance you’re either an attending or a resident physician anesthesiologist. And for most of us in this field, as in any, there was at some point in your training a seminal moment that led you down this career path. Was it a lecture? A clinical rotation? A workshop? Whatever the circumstances, we can all recall that moment when the realization crystallized: That’s what I want to do with my life!
Unfortunately, too many medical students are never exposed to our specialty in a meaningful way. At many institutions, anesthesiology is not among the mandatory rotations; for those that do require it, the powers that be may only have students on service for two weeks – a woefully inadequate period. Despite these obstacles, we – as physicians who have elected to enter this challenging, fascinating and evolving practice – have the capacity to approach and engage potential applicants and future trainees, introducing them to our dynamic corner of medicine. The only thing required of us is the desire to pass on the flame of our professional passion, and that, combined with a modicum of resources, can have a huge impact.
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