FAER  |   May 2015
Pursuing Answers to Challenging Cases: Why Research Is Our Silver Lining
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FAER   |   May 2015
Pursuing Answers to Challenging Cases: Why Research Is Our Silver Lining
ASA Monitor 05 2015, Vol.79, 64-66.
ASA Monitor 05 2015, Vol.79, 64-66.
– Arun Prakash, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, 2012 FAER Mentored Research Training Grant Recipient; 2015 NIH Grant Recipient
When faced with a medical situation that results in a bad outcome, a complication or even a mortality that we did not expect, physicians seek answers. How do we avoid and handle complications, prevent medical errors and manage unexpected outcomes? Was there something different that might have given us a better outcome? We review and reflect on what happened. By discussing a case, we identify ways to improve the quality of care and outcomes.
The real-life scenarios that result in morbidity and mortality can, through case reports and M&M conferences, not only lead to clinical improvements, but they also often result in questions that can best be answered through scientific discovery. This is our silver lining. The connection between research and clinical care is a two-way street: Research improves our clinical care, and the experiences of our patients suggest important research problems.
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