Quality & Regulatory Affairs  |   March 2015
Capturing Quality: Priorities for Measurement, Tools to Use
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  • James M. Moore, M.D.
    Committee on Performance and Outcomes Measurement
  • Matthew T. Popovich, Ph.D.
    ASA Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs
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Quality Improvement / Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Quality & Regulatory Affairs   |   March 2015
Capturing Quality: Priorities for Measurement, Tools to Use
ASA Monitor 03 2015, Vol.79, 28-29.
ASA Monitor 03 2015, Vol.79, 28-29.
Measuring quality across anesthesia care continues to be complex, often confusing and in many cases shrouded in a labyrinth of rules and regulations. Physician anesthesiologists practice in a variety of settings and deliver care to a diverse patient population that ranges from the very young to the very old and from the very healthy to the very ill. Effectively capturing quality at the individual, group or facility level also has its own complexities. So how is quality defined, who determines quality and what does the future look like for anesthesia quality data capture and use?
Several years ago, the Institute of Medicine defined quality as β€œthe degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge.” This definition of quality may appear simple, yet how we qualify and quantify quality continues to evolve as data capture, collection and analysis are honed to reflect – and in some cases determine – payment based upon the quality and cost of care provided.
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