Anesthesiology in the News  |   January 2015
Anesthesiology in the News
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Anesthesiology in the News
Anesthesiology in the News   |   January 2015
Anesthesiology in the News
ASA Monitor 01 2015, Vol.79, 56-57.
ASA Monitor 01 2015, Vol.79, 56-57.
A study published in the November issue found that “prehabilitation” to prepare someone for an upcoming stressful event helps patients do better after surgery. The study was featured on NPR Shots blog, HealthDay and Doctors Lounge.
As experts on anesthesia care and patient safety, ASA members weighed in on comedian Joan Rivers’ death. Nina Singh-Radcliff, M.D. discussed the issue on FOX News, Emery Brown, M.D. was quoted in the Boston Globe, Michael Ault, M.D. appeared on Good Morning America and ASA Immediate Past President Jane C.K. Fitch, M.D. was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight online. CNN quoted Joel Zivot, M.D., Yahoo! Health quoted President John Abenstein, M.D. and Lawrence Epstein, M.D. discussed the topic with ABC World News and WPIX-TV New York. Bloomberg News featured Richard Dutton, M.D. and Beverly Philip, M.D.
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