Letter to the Editor  |   September 2014
Response From Drs. Warner and Berge:
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  • David O. Warner, M.D.
    Rochester, Minnesota
  • Keith Berge, M.D.
    Rochester, Minnesota
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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor   |   September 2014
Response From Drs. Warner and Berge:
ASA Monitor 09 2014, Vol.78, 69.
ASA Monitor 09 2014, Vol.78, 69.
Thank you for your comment, which prompted us to re-examine our data, originally analyzed by grouping those who used either cocaine or marijuana. Although most marijuana use was associated with the use of other drugs, of the eight individuals whose records indicated only marijuana use for their initial episode of substance use disorder, two (25 percent) achieved board certification, and two (25 percent) relapsed, proportions similar to that observed for the entire group of 384 residents. We also note that of the 56 individuals with a history of substance use prior to use in residency, 24 (43 percent) had used marijuana. Fortunately, none of these individuals died. Although it is difficult to make comparisons with such low numbers (which is why we originally grouped the categories for analysis), these data suggest that the consequences of marijuana use can be serious.
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