Letter to the Editor  |   September 2014
Reader Wants Beliefs Weeded Out of Facts on Marijuana
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  • Lucille Mostello, M.D.
    Silver Spring, Maryland
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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor   |   September 2014
Reader Wants Beliefs Weeded Out of Facts on Marijuana
ASA Monitor 09 2014, Vol.78, 69.
ASA Monitor 09 2014, Vol.78, 69.
In their otherwise valuable article “Substance Use Disorder in Anesthesiology Residents: Still a Serious Problem” in the July ASA NEWSLETTER, Drs. Warner and Berge assert that “intravenous opioid use is [not] any more dangerous than any other substance, including alcohol and illicit drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.” Since there are few, if any, deaths attributable to marijuana, this statement seems prejudicial and belief-based, not factual.
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