Features  |   September 2014
Safe Anesthesia in the Office-Based Surgical Setting
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  • Fred E. Shapiro, D.O.
    Committee on Ambulatory Surgical Care Committee on Patient Safety
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Airway Management / Ambulatory Anesthesia / Patient Safety / Practice Management / Respiratory System / Quality Improvement / Features
Features   |   September 2014
Safe Anesthesia in the Office-Based Surgical Setting
ASA Monitor 09 2014, Vol.78, 14-17.
ASA Monitor 09 2014, Vol.78, 14-17.
The rapid growth in volume and complexity of office-based medical and surgical procedures over the last 25 years represents a profound change in how health care is delivered in the United States. Initially, cosmetic, gastrointestinal and ophthalmologic procedures made up the bulk of office-based surgeries, but this has expanded to many other medical specialties such as interventional radiology, cardiology, vascular surgery, gynecology and podiatry.1,2  In fact, nearly half as many outpatient hospital procedures are being performed; the caseload in offices and surgicenters has more than doubled.1,2  The advantages of this shift to the office-based setting include greater ease of scheduling, better overall patient satisfaction, and decreased costs to providers and the patients than if performed in a hospital.
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