Editorial  |   August 2014
Empathy for Those With Chronic Pain
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  • N. Martin Giesecke, M.D.
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Pain Medicine / Editorial
Editorial   |   August 2014
Empathy for Those With Chronic Pain
ASA Monitor 08 2014, Vol.78, 4-5.
ASA Monitor 08 2014, Vol.78, 4-5.
Sometimes it amazes me that my body is still all in one piece. I’ve done some stupid things in my day, like almost amputating the distal phalanx off my right thumb three years ago. Going back in time, my left long fingertip was smashed with a hammer, to the point that the skin on the palmar surface burst open to relieve the pressure – it all happened in an instant, a poorly aimed swing to drive a nail into a fence post. The pain did not start until later. Way back in college, a glass stirring rod broke on my right index finger. The resulting scar is barely visible. And also while in college, as a member of my university’s swim team, a fair piece of the pad of my left great toe was torn off. Of course I was horsing around with some other teammates, and instead of allowing myself to be pushed into the pool, I chose to dive in. Only my left foot slipped and caught something on the deck that lacerated the toe.
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