Articles  |   August 2014
How to Excite Medical Students About Anesthesiology – and Why It Matters
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  • Daniel A. Hansen, M.D.
    Immediate Past Chair, ASA Medical Student Component
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Articles   |   August 2014
How to Excite Medical Students About Anesthesiology – and Why It Matters
ASA Monitor 08 2014, Vol.78, 30-31.
ASA Monitor 08 2014, Vol.78, 30-31.
In last month’s ASA NEWSLETTER, we explored medical students’ perceptions of anesthesiology and the frequent disconnect between the reality of life and practice as a physician anesthesiologist, and the presumed reality from a medical student perspective. Today, in a liberal interpretation of this month’s theme of outreach, we shall focus on ways we can engage medical students to correct misconceptions and excite them about our specialty – a field I believe holds great promise for the future – especially if we can attract the best medical students.
To begin, let us remember that anesthesiology is often a very late discovery for medical students. Indeed, for some it is too late and, despite a surprise interest in the field, they have already committed to another specialty (most medical students have to submit for audition rotations, fourth-year scheduling, and the initial residency application during the latter half of their third year of medical school). For many (myself included), there is no elective time/anesthesiology rotation until the fourth year of medical school. As such, early interactions are imperative if we are to continue attracting bright medical students into the specialty.
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