Executive Report  |   August 2014
New Views on an Age-Old Concern
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Executive Report   |   August 2014
New Views on an Age-Old Concern
ASA Monitor 08 2014, Vol.78, 10-11.
ASA Monitor 08 2014, Vol.78, 10-11.
Early in my tenure at ASA, I visited the chronic pain practice of John Dombrowski, M.D. at the Washington Pain Center, who allowed me to sit through an afternoon of visits from new and returning patients, as he diagnosed, counseled and treated them. What I found fascinating was the wide range in symptoms and presentation and the detective work involved. Most impressionable on me were the debilitating effects of pain on quality of life and the profound impact of effective treatment. As I gained more experience, I visited other practices and settings to observe regional and acute pain medicine. Last fall, I had the opportunity to visit a pediatric chronic pain rehabilitation program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Especially memorable was my time with Tracy Harrison, M.D., a physician anesthesiologist who leads an interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation experts at Mayo. This collaborative group cares for children and teens whose lives are devastated by pain. The programs created by Dr. Harrison and her staff have helped many of these young people move on to productive lives, including being able to attend college and enter the workforce. It was so inspiring to see this kind of success from a physician anesthesiologist-led team.
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