Letter to the Editor  |   June 2014
Response to Drs. Hiller and Cattano
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  • Gregory K. Applegate, D.O.
    Pepper Pike, Ohio
  • Chester C. Buckenmaier, III, M.D.
    Rockville, Maryland
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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor   |   June 2014
Response to Drs. Hiller and Cattano
ASA Monitor 06 2014, Vol.78, 67.
ASA Monitor 06 2014, Vol.78, 67.
We thank Drs. Hiller and Cattano for their interest in our article as well as their suggestions for additional questions for pain assessment. Additional questions to include acute versus chronic pain, nociceptive versus neuropathic and malignant cancer pain are very appropriate measures that would contribute to a multidimensional pain assessment. In regard to pain assessments involving static (rest) and dynamic (movement), we agree that these findings should also be routinely recorded and benefit the recovery process.
The original design of the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRSv2.0) was intended to be used as a screening tool for acute and chronic pain in a variety of health care environments (specifically the military field environment). Although we did not include unique questions regarding neuropathic pain, we recognize these questions are part of a comprehensive pain evaluation of which the DVPRS was designed to be a routine part. We agree and encourage providers to use the DVPRS, along with other questions appropriate for the clinical situation faced. While we feel the DVPRS is a significant improvement for the military in providing a consistent pain screening tool that is focused on function, we also recognize that the DVPRS (or any pain scale for that matter) is only as strong as the clinician interviewing the patient.
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