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PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2014: Pre-Conference on Chronic Pain: The Highlights
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Articles   |   May 2014
PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2014: Pre-Conference on Chronic Pain: The Highlights
ASA Monitor 05 2014, Vol.78, 30-31.
ASA Monitor 05 2014, Vol.78, 30-31.
On January 24 in Dallas, the ASA Committee on Practice Management held its second Pre-Conference on Chronic Pain as part of the ASA’s annual practice management conference. Compared to the three other pre-conferences, the chronic pain pre-conference is small. But do not underestimate its impact! The overall focus of this pre-conference was similar to that of the practice management conference general session: What’s new in the specialty? Where is the specialty headed? How will the specialty change under the coming payment and delivery systems? Our pre-conference tackled these questions “close to the ground” and focused on chronic pain anesthesiology.
The morning began with a presentation on “Pain Medicine EMR and Meaningful Use.” ASA Committee on Pain Medicine member Rafael V. Miguel, M.D. prepared this outstanding presentation; it was delivered by Christopher Gilligan, M.D., who is Medical Director of the Center for Pain Medicine at the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital. The presentation focused on choosing an EHR, EHR financial incentives, and how providers can plan for and achieve stage 1 and 2 meaningful use. Based on the lively question-and-answer session, this is an area of high interest.
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