Features  |   April 2014
Join the Social Conversation/Update on New ASA Social Media Strategy
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Features   |   April 2014
Join the Social Conversation/Update on New ASA Social Media Strategy
ASA Monitor 04 2014, Vol.78, 28-30.
ASA Monitor 04 2014, Vol.78, 28-30.
Nepal? I don’t know anyone in Nepal. Yet last week I received a courteous email from a physician in Nepal, asking my permission to translate an article of mine into Nepali. The topic: advice for older patients who need anesthesia. He wants to distribute it to patients and publish it in his local newspaper.
I asked how he came across the article. He said he was browsing online among anesthesia blogs and found mine, “A Penned Point.” Now “blog” isn’t a word Jane Austen would have recognized. It is a lumpish merger of “Web” and “log” and is generally defined today as a website on which an individual records opinions. The proliferation of blogs – like Tribbles – may be seen as a pernicious trend, but it demonstrates the power and reach of the Internet. Business Insider estimates that 22 percent of the people in the world own smartphones, an increase of 1.3 billion smartphones since 2009. In social media, once you release content, you have no idea how far it will travel.
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