Executive Report  |   March 2014
Advocacy 2014: Challenges and Opportunities
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Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Executive Report
Executive Report   |   March 2014
Advocacy 2014: Challenges and Opportunities
ASA Monitor 03 2014, Vol.78, 8-9.
ASA Monitor 03 2014, Vol.78, 8-9.
One of the aspects of ASA that attracted me to my current position was the reputation and strength of ASA’s advocacy team, both volunteer and staff. Over the last year, I have spent considerable time getting to know this impressive team in both experience and expertise. It is one that, time and time again, illustrates the ability to understand the issues and dexterous strategy in our fast-moving legislative and regulatory landscape.
I recently sat down with Manuel Bonilla, ASA’s Chief Advocacy Officer, to talk about the legislative and advocacy-related issues confronting us in 2014. I’d like to use this month’s column to share some of what we discussed. Although we both agreed that 2014 poses significant challenges for medicine, we also came away from our meeting confident that ASA is prepared to meet these challenges – and also that 2014 offers significant opportunities for our society and our specialty.
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