Committees  |   March 2014
Making Sausage, Dating My Daughter and Managing Our Society
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  • Steven J. Hattamer, M.D.
    Committee on Administrative Affairs
    Immediate Past Chair
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Endocrine and Metabolic Systems / Quality Improvement / Committees
Committees   |   March 2014
Making Sausage, Dating My Daughter and Managing Our Society
ASA Monitor 03 2014, Vol.78, 30-56.
ASA Monitor 03 2014, Vol.78, 30-56.
It’s said that you never want to see how sausage is made. But just like Dorothy and Toto, many of us can’t resist looking behind the curtain. The inner workings of any professional society are a mystery to most members. The bedrock of our societal rules is the “Bylaws.” These are the “Stone Tablets.” While not unchanging, bylaws are (by design) very difficult to alter. In fact, they can only be changed by the House of Delegates. It’s great to have a firm foundation of instructions. It guides our basic processes, how we run the society and how we conduct ourselves. However, it’s a fast-moving world out there, and many decisions and actions must be made rapidly and the guidance governing these choices must be highly malleable. Just as it would be challenging to re-chisel the stone tablets, one can imagine the degree of difficulty involved in trying to interpret rules in a fast-paced world by relying on the group of us getting together once a year. If we had to address all the minor issues of the society, the House of Delegates would be still be in session.
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