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Anesthesia STAT!
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Articles   |   February 2014
Anesthesia STAT!
ASA Monitor 02 2014, Vol.78, 34.
ASA Monitor 02 2014, Vol.78, 34.
Come young resident, and soon you will see, How with study and experience, you’ll be confident like me. No longer an intern, discharge summaries have passed, Now for the real work, and it will come fast. You’ll start with tutorial, and learn from the text, While assuaging your anxiety for what will come next. For soon you’ll be in the O.R., all on your own, Heed this advice, its importance has shown. When watching your monitors, if one should go flat, Run through halls harking “Anesthesia STAT”!
Now you’re a first-year, still learning your trade, Let’s sit and review all the mistakes you have made. First you were found, cowering low on the floor, All because the sats were reading ninety-four. Then there was the time you paged “please help now!” And I arrived to find the surgeon having a cow. I helped you explain in a less frenetic pace, “A liter of fluid isn’t too much for a six-hour case!” But last week you calmed, you wore your big kid hat, Until you panicked and called your tenth “Anesthesia STAT!”
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