Articles  |   February 2014
2013 Scientific Exhibit Winners Represent Cutting-Edge of Medicine
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  • Michael E. Goldberg, M.D.
    Committee on Scientific and Educational Exhibits
    Chair (2013)
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Airway Management / Critical Care / Education / CPD / Pain Medicine / Patient Safety / Pharmacology / Radiological and Other Imaging / Regional Anesthesia / Articles
Articles   |   February 2014
2013 Scientific Exhibit Winners Represent Cutting-Edge of Medicine
ASA Monitor 02 2014, Vol.78, 28-29.
ASA Monitor 02 2014, Vol.78, 28-29.
The ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2013 annual meeting last October in San Francisco featured 25 scientific and educational exhibits as well as 1,100 poster sessions of the increasingly popular section Medically Challenging Cases. The growth of the Medically Challenging Cases proves that it has been a resounding success. This year, every case was moderated by physicians who gave their time willingly to support discussion of the presented cases and the sessions were supervised by a committee member. In the future, we will be further consolidating like presentations and the oversight of the sessions for a better educational experience. Some of the Scientific Exhibits were focused on airway management, pain management, nerve blocks, including use of ultrasound techniques, and exhibits that educate through the use of computer-based learning, advanced communication technology, videos and simulators. Administrative exhibits provided information on technology and anesthesia, anesthesia for trauma and pharmacology in anesthesia. The exhibits were evaluated by the committee members for originality, clinical relevance, scientific merit and visual impact. Twenty-five exhibits were presented at the meeting, and three exhibits received awards. The winners were:
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