Executive Report  |   January 2014
Keeping Up With Interesting Times
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Executive Report   |   January 2014
Keeping Up With Interesting Times
ASA Monitor 01 2014, Vol.78, 8-9.
ASA Monitor 01 2014, Vol.78, 8-9.
The old Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times” is certainly apropos for our members’ experience, and certainly would be merely interesting if not for the tremendous impact of change on practice and patient care.
Since I started at ASA in March, I have spent significant time visiting with members in their practices, both private practice and academic, across the country. Practices have been large and small, some hospital-based, others were part of “large groups.” Everyone I met is looking carefully at the future and considering their strategic options.
The changes anesthesiologists face are bigger than the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Rather, they reflect trends that have been long under way, including the business of health care in an era of tight resources, consolidation of insurers and health systems, the impact of the electronic record and “big data,” and an increasing focus on quality. Certainly, all change is local. However, from my observations, I am discerning a number of key trends:
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