Anesthesiology in the News  |   January 2014
Anesthesiology in the News
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Anesthesiology in the News
Anesthesiology in the News   |   January 2014
Anesthesiology in the News
ASA Monitor 01 2014, Vol.78, 54-55.
ASA Monitor 01 2014, Vol.78, 54-55.
ASA member Jeffrey S. Jacobs, M.D. authored a guest column on in August about the patient safety challenge to treat patients with OSA who undergo anesthesia. Dr. Jacobs stressed the importance of having a physician anesthesiologist diagnose OSA and then develop a tailored anesthetic plan to prevent complications during the perioperative period. ran an article by ASA member Anita Gupta, M.D. this August where she discussed research showing how genetic factors account for a substantial proportion of a patient’s response to drugs. By undergoing genetic testing, physicians would be able to anticipate how a patient may respond to a drug rather than relying on a trial-and-error process.
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