Resident Review  |   November 2013
Start With ‘Why’ and See Where We Go
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  • Mark C. Bicket, M.D.
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Airway Management / Critical Care / Education / CPD / Respiratory System / Trauma / Burn Care / Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Quality Improvement / Resident Review
Resident Review   |   November 2013
Start With ‘Why’ and See Where We Go
ASA Monitor 11 2013, Vol.77, 56-57.
ASA Monitor 11 2013, Vol.77, 56-57.
It’s not uncommon to encounter feelings of uncertainty about the future. As a resident, one usually does not have to look far to encounter a sense of the unknown. For example, there is the immediate and practical sense of, “How is my patient going to do during and after the operation?” and the more farsighted ideas of “Will I pass my boards?” and “What will life be like after residency?” Perhaps more important to all of our future careers, changes resulting from health care reform introduce questions of, “What will my role as an anesthesiologist look like down the road?” But as often as these questions evoke feelings of uncertainty (and others such as worry, concern and frustration), we can also ask, “Why should we share excitement about the future of our field?”
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