Committees  |   November 2013
The Ever-Changing Health Care Landscape
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  • Joshua Lumbley, M.D., MBOE
    Committee on Young Physicians
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Education / CPD / Endocrine and Metabolic Systems / Practice Management / Committees
Committees   |   November 2013
The Ever-Changing Health Care Landscape
ASA Monitor 11 2013, Vol.77, 48.
ASA Monitor 11 2013, Vol.77, 48.
One of the many purposes of the Committee on Young Physicians is to educate and support our demographic within the ever-changing health care landscape. Recently, in August 2013, ASA members were able to hear a compelling webinar from Mike Schweitzer, M.D. on the changing nature of the practice of anesthesia in a post-Affordable Care Act environment. In his presentation, Dr. Schweitzer discussed the Perioperative Surgical Home concept of care and explained how preoperative health care management and improved integration in the postoperative care of patients will become essential. Most notably, he emphasized the impending changes related to payment and reimbursement, including penalties for readmissions and preventable complications. One of Dr. Schweitzer’s concluding thoughts was a challenge specifically for anesthesiologists, as leaders of the perioperative care team, to be on the forefront of adapting to these new payment methodologies coming in the future.
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