Features  |   November 2013
NORA: Non-O.R. Anesthesia
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  • Charlotte Bell, M.D.
    Committee on Equipment and Facilities, Member, Committee on Patient Safety and Education
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Radiological and Other Imaging / Features
Features   |   November 2013
NORA: Non-O.R. Anesthesia
ASA Monitor 11 2013, Vol.77, 10.
ASA Monitor 11 2013, Vol.77, 10.
Delivering anesthesia in areas remote to the O.R. results in some of the most unique and problematic issues of our specialty. Typically, routine anesthetic equipment is not stored in these locations and must be brought from central O.R. areas. Medical gases, scavenging, evacuation and electricity may not exist in convenient areas of the facility (or at all). Not only is equipment transported, but patients must also be transported, often from critical locations. And the support systems we most rely on, colleagues and technicians, are usually far away and need time to respond even in emergent situations.
Members of the Committee on Equipment and Facilities and their colleagues have described on the following pages some of the most interesting and difficult situations that occur during the process of delivering non-O.R. anesthesia (NORA). Topics include building productive working teams with our non-anesthesiology colleagues who are involved in performing the procedures and typically unfamiliar with O.R. practices; scavenging gases away from central O.R. scavenging systems; and problems identified from the perspective of our anesthesia techs who provide a critical lifeline in both routine and emergent situations. In addition, we have approached issues that exist specifically around the neurosuite, as this is often the location with the most critical procedures and patients. Not only are we challenged in this location by the patients and procedures, but the physical plant associated with neuroimaging poses additional hazards to patient and anesthesiologist – whether in the invasive neuroradiology suite or the MRI suite.
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