FAER  |   October 2013
Early Grants Result in Future Funding
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Critical Care / Education / CPD / Palliative Care / End-of-Life Care / FAER
FAER   |   October 2013
Early Grants Result in Future Funding
ASA Monitor 10 2013, Vol.77, 78-79.
ASA Monitor 10 2013, Vol.77, 78-79.
FAER funding provides the resources, time and mentorship that anesthesiologists need early on to have successful and productive research careers. Grant funding enables early-career physicians to develop the skills and preliminary data they need to become independent investigators who receive subsequent funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other institutes or foundations.
We are pleased to share with you a few recent success stories and grant progress reports.
Building a Career as a Clinician-Scientist
Johns Hopkins-based Grant Recipient Receives $2 million in New Funding
Rebecca Aslakson, M.D., Ph.D. received a FAER Mentored Research Training Grant (MRTG) in 2011 to study “Crafting a Palliative Care Intervention for Surgical Intensive Care Unit Patients.” In addition to her scientific objectives of the project, she also aimed to achieve career development milestones that would establish her as a successful clinician-scientist.
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