Features  |   October 2013
Anesthesia and Mobile Technology: ‘Meaningful Use’ of Small Screens
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  • Jaideep Mehta, M.D., M.B.A.
    Committee on Electronic Media and Information Technology
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Technology / Equipment / Monitoring / Features
Features   |   October 2013
Anesthesia and Mobile Technology: ‘Meaningful Use’ of Small Screens
ASA Monitor 10 2013, Vol.77, 14-16.
ASA Monitor 10 2013, Vol.77, 14-16.
Since the introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007, mobile devices have transformed the way consumers access information, communicate and work. Ubiquitous Internet access from handheld devices has made it possible to get reference material from virtually anywhere. SMS texts and push notification e-mail have spawned new styles of communication. Apps have changed how software is developed, with an emphasis on products optimized for specific tasks that are pleasurable to use. Perhaps as important, the advent of “App Stores” has fundamentally transformed how mobile products are marketed and sold. While consolidating control over software distribution, they have also decreased the barriers for small developers to enter the market with innovative products. While App Stores make a profit on every unit sold, they also make it possible for savvy individuals to compete in a mass market alongside industry giants.
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