Administrative Update  |   September 2013
ASA Financial Check-Up … No Margin, No Mission
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  • James D. Grant, M.D.
    ASA Treasurer
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Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems / Education / CPD / Respiratory System / Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Administrative Update
Administrative Update   |   September 2013
ASA Financial Check-Up … No Margin, No Mission
ASA Monitor 09 2013, Vol.77, 6-22.
ASA Monitor 09 2013, Vol.77, 6-22.
ASA is a member driven organization – as it should be –and much of what supports our mission is the great financial support from our membership. Your ASA financial team is keenly aware of the investment you have made to maintain ASA as the world’s premier professional society.
It is our responsibility to be as open and transparent with your hard-earned dollars as possible. This is why we have multiple reports delivered to various layers of the organization each year. Examples include monthly reports delivered to the Administrative Council and members of the Section on Fiscal Affairs (SFA). In addition, quarterly reports are given to the Board of Directors. This is on top of the twice-yearly reports to the Board from the Treasurer and the SFA. At the annual meeting, the House of Delegates receives a financial report in addition to its review of the summaries given to the Board of Directors each March and October.
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