Administrative Update  |   August 2013
A New ASA Headquarters – What a Difference a Building Will Make
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Administrative Update   |   August 2013
A New ASA Headquarters – What a Difference a Building Will Make
ASA Monitor 08 2013, Vol.77, 6-8.
ASA Monitor 08 2013, Vol.77, 6-8.
On Saturday, April 27, ASA hosted a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of its new headquarters building in the western Chicago suburb of Schaumburg. This exciting event was to highlight the commencement of construction on the new 70,000-square-foot facility that will house ASA staff and support ASA operations for the next several decades. The ASA Ad Hoc Committee on Headquarters Building Construction has been working with our design team (Tilton, Kelly and Bell) and ASA executive office leadership to design a building that will not only provide an extraordinary upgrade to existing staff facilities and services, but will also offer opportunities for growth and potential advantage that we can’t even imagine in our current facility and location. I will discuss in this very brief article just some of the great potential and value that our new ASA executive office will bring to this extraordinary medical specialty society and its membership.
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