Editorial  |   July 2013
Advocacy: One Anesthesiologist’s View
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Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Editorial
Editorial   |   July 2013
Advocacy: One Anesthesiologist’s View
ASA Monitor 07 2013, Vol.77, 4-5.
ASA Monitor 07 2013, Vol.77, 4-5.
One of the most important member services provided by ASA is advocacy. Most people consider advocacy to denote legislative support, and ASA accomplishes that goal on the national level. We are fortunate to have a very effective team working in our Washington, D.C. office, aptly led by Chief Advocacy Officer Manuel Bonilla. This group helps carry our message to legislators. But they are only part of the story.
You might have heard the adage that “All politics is local.” Allow me to expand on this idea a bit, as it relates to the education in advocacy of one “local” anesthesiologist – me. I had the good fortune to grow up in anesthesiology in association with many influential ASA members. The chairman of my residency training program at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston was James F. Arens, M.D. Most of us Arens-Trained Anesthesiologists (ATAs) still refer to Dr. Arens as “Chief.” In my CA-3 year, Dr. Arens was ASA President. His commitment to ASA, and greater organized medicine, has certainly been influential for me from my beginnings as a resident to this very day.
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