Features  |   June 2013
What’s New With the Old?
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Geriatric Anesthesia / Quality Improvement / Features
Features   |   June 2013
What’s New With the Old?
ASA Monitor 06 2013, Vol.77, 12-13.
ASA Monitor 06 2013, Vol.77, 12-13.
The term “Grey Tsunami” was coined several years ago, likely as an analogy to the South Pacific natural disaster of 2004. The term forecasted a “catastrophic wave” of older adults who would “hit” society in the future. Today, this is not a prediction any longer. In 2011, the baby boomer generation started to cross the 65-year-old threshold at a rate of 7-10,000 people every day. That means the wave has reached us and its impact will be felt at all levels. This includes health care. Together, the “grey tsunami” and the coming health care reform changes will create the “perfect storm.”
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