Articles  |   May 2013
Evolution of Value-Added Services
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Articles   |   May 2013
Evolution of Value-Added Services
ASA Monitor 05 2013, Vol.77, 30-31.
ASA Monitor 05 2013, Vol.77, 30-31.
There were many highlights at PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2013 in Las Vegas last January, but I was especially excited by the talk given by Angela Bader, M.D., M.P.H., of the Weiner Center for Preoperative Evaluation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She spoke on “Demonstrating the Value of a Preoperative Clinic” during the Advanced Practice Management Pre-Conference and provided insight on successful approaches to perioperative care. Dr. Bader’s talk and my own experiences speaking with residents at the conference on issues related to value-added services, to me, points a way toward a path for the successful evolution of anesthesiology services.
Dr. Bader has the good fortune to work in an integrated system that encourages a systematic approach to perioperative care. As such, the Center for Preoperative Evaluation sees all patients who are scheduled for procedures at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Clinic staff do the preoperative histories and physicals, coordinate with primary care physicians and surgeons offices, and order and obtain necessary consults, laboratory, radiologic and other clinical data prior to surgery. The reported cancellation rate for patients who have passed through this sort of screening in a clinic coordinated and managed by anesthesiologists is vanishingly low. In an ideal world, this would be this first piece of, and the foundation upon which, a true Perioperative Surgical Home model could rest. The Perioperative Surgical Home “would pioneer the role of anesthesiologists acting to coordinate the services provided by other health care professionals during the perioperative period. Such a model may, if executed properly, help to manage the full spectrum of surgical episodes, reduce costly complications and improve the efficiency of care.”
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