Executive Report  |   April 2013
Changing Perception
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Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Executive Report
Executive Report   |   April 2013
Changing Perception
ASA Monitor 04 2013, Vol.77, 8-9.
ASA Monitor 04 2013, Vol.77, 8-9.
Perception doesn’t always equal reality. Trauma and emergency medicine get a lot of attention on television shows, movies, and even in the news. Audiences are left with indelible images of heroic surgeons and dashing EMT crews. In fact, trauma care is a team endeavor, with each specialty and provider playing their essential roles. The media rarely highlights the anesthesiologist. However, those who work in emergency environments know the truth – that is, the important role anesthesiologists play in maintaining the essential life functions of trauma patients and leading the creation of new technologies, procedures and processes that improve survival and safety. The excellent articles on trauma in this issue of the NEWSLETTER should serve as powerful reminders of anesthesiology’s leadership and commitment to quality care. They also remind me, personally, of ASA’s increasingly important task of making sure policymakers, other health care providers and the public are fully aware of this fact.
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