Articles  |   April 2013
AHA 19th Spring Meeting
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Articles   |   April 2013
AHA 19th Spring Meeting
ASA Monitor 04 2013, Vol.77, 40-41.
ASA Monitor 04 2013, Vol.77, 40-41.
Anesthesiologists may rightly wonder why they should bother to be familiar with the history of anesthesiology. After all, some feel it is unlikely that such information would lead to changes in clinical practice. History-related topics receive short shrift in the didactic curriculum of residency programs, and questions related to history have long disappeared from written and oral board examinations. Nonetheless, our specialty is the only one to have been discovered in the United States, and events that led up to this marvelous gift to mankind occurred within a very narrow time frame in the 1840s. Moreover, these events occurred in rural Georgia, upstate New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Many related sites and memorials are well preserved and open to the public. This fascination with history encourages us to accurately record events, preserve structures as well as artifacts, and gives occasion to celebrate great lives and achievements of the past. One cannot forget that each individual, family, society, institution, place and nation has a history. Humans are the only creature that are cognizant of their past. Our future is unknown while the present is evanescent – thus, everything that is known falls within the realm of history. In the United States, the Anesthesia History Association (AHA) and the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology (WLM) have taken the lead in preserving and promoting the history of anesthesiology. This year’s 19th Annual Spring Meeting of the AHA will be held at Hartford, Connecticut’s Downtown Marriott Hotel, located in historic Adriaen’s Landing. The area is named after Adriaen Block, a Dutch explorer who sailed up the Connecticut River in 1614 aboard the Onrust, the first American-built ship. The following year, he visited the small island off the coast of Rhode Island that would eventually bear his name and be called Block Island.
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