FAER  |   June 2018
FAER … and Technology
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  • James C. Eisenach, M.D.
    President and CEO, FAER
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Cardiovascular Anesthesia / Education / CPD / Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Systems / Pharmacology / Respiratory System / Technology / Equipment / Monitoring / FAER
FAER   |   June 2018
FAER … and Technology
ASA Monitor 6 2018, Vol.82, 62-63.
ASA Monitor 6 2018, Vol.82, 62-63.
Anesthesiologists are immersed in technology. We rely on technology to help us perform procedures, provide anesthesia, monitor for safety, and predict which of our patients deserves unusual or special treatments. The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) provides career development to young physicians whose research will transform the specialty, including in technology. Oftentimes this transformation doesn’t occur for decades from the fundamental discovery to the application, and by the time we see the latest oximetry, capnography, ultrasound, simulator, smart notifications, etc., we have long forgotten, if we were even aware, of how FAER-funded investigators helped made this happen.
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