What's New In  |   April 2018
Science and Sensibility In Infection Control Recommendations
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  • Richard A. Beers, M.D
    Committee on Occupational Health
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Infectious Disease / What's New In
What's New In   |   April 2018
Science and Sensibility In Infection Control Recommendations
ASA Monitor 4 2018, Vol.82, 62-63.
ASA Monitor 4 2018, Vol.82, 62-63.
Anesthesiologists know that infections can be devas-tating to our patients. Health care-associated infections, including surgical site infection, contribute significantly to surgical morbidity and mortality and the economic cost of care. Despite our knowledge, efforts to educate professionals regarding hand hygiene, aseptic technique and “scrub the hub” often encounter headwinds and “ho hum” sentiments.
In his article “Slow Ideas,”1  Atul Gawande, M.D., eloquently discusses new knowledge and its “trajectory” – the rate at which it is accepted into medical practice. One reason we are slow to integrate practices, such as those designed to combat infection, is that we do not see tangible results from their implementation during our episode of care. We cannot see or track infectious agents, and subsequent infection often occurs well after our post-anesthesia visit.
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