Articles  |   July 2016
PROFESSIONAL TRANSITIONS: A System of Support During the Most Difficult Time
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Articles   |   July 2016
PROFESSIONAL TRANSITIONS: A System of Support During the Most Difficult Time
ASA Monitor 07 2016, Vol.80, 20-21.
ASA Monitor 07 2016, Vol.80, 20-21.
My wife Cindy and I were living a dream that neither of us had ever imagined. As a member of ASA since 1985, I’ve had the unique privilege to serve our society in a number of leadership roles. After serving as Assistant Treasurer and then Treasurer from 2003-10, I was elected to the position of First Vice President and on a pathway to serve as President of our society from 2012-13. However, along this journey our life took on some dramatic challenges totally outside the day-to-day activities of ASA. These challenges were significantly and positively impacted by the heartfelt support of our many friends in ASA.
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July 8, 2016
W. Bradley Worthington
Former ASA BOD memeber
So tragic, yet profoundly beautiful


Today, 07/08/2016, more than ever, you, your family and Texas are on our minds and in our prayers. 

July 11, 2016
Vincent Umbrain
University Hospital Brussels

We are all connected in some way by reason or emotions or the desire to help sincerely - and less by careerism. Congratulations for the beautiful, enriching writing... for mankind.

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