Features  |   January 2016
The 2015 Job Market for Graduating Anesthesiology Residents
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  • Erica J. Stein, M.D.
    Committee on Practice Management
  • Jay R. Mesrobian, M.D.
    Committee on Practice Management
  • Amr E. Abouleish, M.D., M.B.A.
    Committee on Practice Management
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Features   |   January 2016
The 2015 Job Market for Graduating Anesthesiology Residents
ASA Monitor 01 2016, Vol.80, 20-24.
ASA Monitor 01 2016, Vol.80, 20-24.
The ASA Committee on Practice Management has completed its fourth annual survey of graduating anesthesiology residents. The goal of the survey is to provide data about current trends in the anesthesiology job market. The committee hopes that graduating residents and their programs will find the data and trends interesting. In addition to providing information for graduating residents about job opportunities, it can be helpful to the residency program by providing market trends as well as helping them effectively mentor and refine the educational curriculum to best prepare residents for their careers in anesthesiology.
In May 2015, an electronic survey was sent to graduating anesthesiology residents nationwide through the ASA membership department. At the time of the survey, the ASA had 1,481 CA-3 residents listed as members, with 1,391 CA-3 residents having corresponding email addresses. Participation was voluntary and all responses were anonymous, as resident email addresses were never directly accessed. The survey consisted of 29 questions. Responses were collected from May through August 2015.
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