State Beat  |   November 2015
Several States to Hold Elections This Fall
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State Beat
State Beat   |   November 2015
Several States to Hold Elections This Fall
ASA Monitor 11 2015, Vol.79, 50-51.
ASA Monitor 11 2015, Vol.79, 50-51.
2015 is a “light” election year compared with last year, but every vote is important and no election is without consequence. Louisiana, Kentucky and Mississippi will have gubernatorial elections this year. Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia will each have legislative elections, as well. These states holding elections this year have large numbers of physician anesthesiologists; it is important that public servants are elected who will listen to our members and protect patient safety. Governors name members of medical, osteopathic and nursing boards, and some lieutenant governors determine the composition of important legislative committees. Legislators have immense power to change the manner in which anesthesia is provided in your state.
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