Features  |   October 2014
PSH: A Value-Based Care Clinical Pathway
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Features   |   October 2014
PSH: A Value-Based Care Clinical Pathway
ASA Monitor 10 2014, Vol.78, 22-24.
ASA Monitor 10 2014, Vol.78, 22-24.
An 89-year-old female is in the O.R. for a hip fracture. The patient has coronary artery disease with a stent placed six months ago and severe chronic back pain. At the end of the case, the surgeon asks the physician anesthesiologist whether he should continue the Plavix and statin and seeks guidance for pain management. This scenario is commonplace, with the physician anesthesiologist providing comprehensive perioperative consultation, albeit on an ad hoc basis. In contrast, using a value-based care approach, the PSH teams codified each step of such a clinical scenario to provide timely and evidence-based care to obtain the most reliable outcomes for their patients1 .
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