Committees  |   December 2014
Professionalism in Anesthesia: A Patient Safety Issue
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  • Saundra Curry, M.D.
    Committee on Ethics
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Ethics / Medicolegal Issues / Patient Safety / Committees
Committees   |   December 2014
Professionalism in Anesthesia: A Patient Safety Issue
ASA Monitor 12 2014, Vol.78, 48-49.
ASA Monitor 12 2014, Vol.78, 48-49.
Professionalism – there’s that word again. It has emerged and re-emerged over the last 15 years in medicine and will continue to appear in one guise or another. With the many articles that have been published, and attempts at defining professionalism, there is a great deal of talk but very little action in its application. The major stumbling block is the lack of a clear definition. It means different things to different people and certainly has different meanings in the various medical specialties. Certain themes have evolved and most everyone agrees on the following: the pillars of professionalism, with respect to medicine, are: 1) competency in one’s chosen field, 2) ethical practice and 3) service. The dome of professionalism that these pillars support covers patient-centered care.
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