Committees  |   August 2015
Educate and Prepare Your Patients With ASA’s New and Updated Brochures
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  • Jeffrey S. Jacobs, M.D.
    Committee on Communications
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Ambulatory Anesthesia / Critical Care / Geriatric Anesthesia / Obstetric Anesthesia / Pain Medicine / Pediatric Anesthesia / Respiratory System / Committees
Committees   |   August 2015
Educate and Prepare Your Patients With ASA’s New and Updated Brochures
ASA Monitor 08 2015, Vol.79, 56.
ASA Monitor 08 2015, Vol.79, 56.
Finding out how to prepare for outpatient surgery and anesthesia is just one of the topics patients can learn about in ASA’s “new and improved” public education brochures. They are designed to provide patients with important information regarding anesthesia and the role physician anesthesiologists play before, during and after surgery and as anesthesia, pain and critical care specialists.
Specific brochure topics include:
The copy for each brochure was reviewed by ASA committee members to ensure the information was current, accurate, and that the language was consumer-friendly and did not contain too much technical information or medical jargon. Readability also was enhanced with the use of headings and bullets to break up long text blocks and highlight specific topics.
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