Administrative Update  |   December 2013
Can I Run a Meeting Without a Parliamentarian?
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  • Ronald L. Harter, M.D.
    Vice Speaker, House of Delegates
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Respiratory System / Administrative Update
Administrative Update   |   December 2013
Can I Run a Meeting Without a Parliamentarian?
ASA Monitor 12 2013, Vol.77, 6-7.
ASA Monitor 12 2013, Vol.77, 6-7.
I have had the pleasure and honor of serving ASA for the past year as Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates. As with ASA’s Speakers and Vice Speakers before me, I completed a rather extensive course of study and obtained my certification as a Registered Parliamentarian (“RP,” for short). Having led and participated in countless meetings for various organizations over the years, I have encountered some common misconceptions regarding the conduct of meetings. I would like to offer my suggestions to the non-parliamentarian readers of the NEWSLETTER to facilitate a more efficient (and hopefully more tranquil) meeting.
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