Letter to the Editor  |   September 2013
Implementation of the Perioperative Surgical Home Model
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  • Jeffrey Huang, M.D.
    Winter Park, Florida
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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor   |   September 2013
Implementation of the Perioperative Surgical Home Model
ASA Monitor 09 2013, Vol.77, 76.
ASA Monitor 09 2013, Vol.77, 76.
I read with great interest the January 2013 ASA NEWSLETTER article “Selling Your Anesthesiology Practice?”1  As the author indicated, nearly 25 percent of all hospital-based physicians are employed by the hospitals at which they practice, compared to 5 percent in 2000. Anesthesiologists are hospital-based physicians. Anesthesiology practices are the targets of hospital acquisition. Hospital systems are seeking to protect market share, ensure a reliable supply of anesthesiologists and control processes during episodes of care.1 
The Perioperative Surgical Home concept of care makes anesthesiologists indispensable to hospitals by improving patient outcomes, controlling costs and maximizing O.R. revenue.2  This model can help anesthesiologists survive under accountable care.
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