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Run For a Good Cause – Run For The Warriors®
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Articles   |   August 2013
Run For a Good Cause – Run For The Warriors®
ASA Monitor 08 2013, Vol.77, 43.
ASA Monitor 08 2013, Vol.77, 43.
We have all seen them. Whether in the news or on YouTube, we see the images of a man or woman in uniform, returning home from combat. It is clear that the family member is unaware of what is about to happen. A son, daughter, wife, girlfriend or parents – the response is the same. Confusion, astonishment, elation, relief and, almost always, tears. When a deployed service member returns home from combat, there is unmistakable joy.
For some, homecoming is not a celebratory moment. Instead, service members are reunited with their loved ones in a hospital room. The homecoming is unexpected and unplanned – a knock on the door or an unwanted phone call jars them into a new reality.
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