State Beat  |   July 2013
Numerous State Legislatures Consider Truth in Advertising Legislation in 2013
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State Beat
State Beat   |   July 2013
Numerous State Legislatures Consider Truth in Advertising Legislation in 2013
ASA Monitor 07 2013, Vol.77, 55.
ASA Monitor 07 2013, Vol.77, 55.
In 2013, more than a dozen states have introduced legislation that would require health care providers to clearly identify their type of license, certification and/or employment title. For example, Michigan House Bill 4524, titled the “Patient’s Right to Know,” would require health care professionals to wear a name tag during patient encounters that clearly identifies the type of license they hold. It also ensures that any advertisements or professional websites created to promote health care services clearly identify the type of license the provider holds and the extent of services they are legally permitted to provide.
This year, both Texas and Maryland adopted similar legislation. Texas Governor Rick Perry signed Senate Bill (S.B.) 945 into law on May 18, 2013, making Texas the 13th state to enact truth-in-advertising legislation. Under S.B. 945, Texas health care providers in hospitals with direct patient care must wear a photo identification badge during all patient encounters (unless precluded by adopted isolation or sterilization protocols). Among other required components of the new law, the provider’s type of license must be included on the badge.
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